The Most Popular Riverboat Cruises to Plan in 2018

(Original Source:  River Views®, a River Cruise Blog)

Have you been dreaming about taking a riverboat cruise? At American Queen Steamboat Company, we have a fleet of ships ready to take you down America’s waterways. One of the stars of our company is the American Duchess.

The American Duchess offers a wide range of suites including expansive Loft Suites that feature two levels for maximum privacy. You’ll find many luxurious amenities here including regionally inspired cuisine prepared by award-winning chefs, shore excursions at every port, and Broadway-quality nightly performances and shows. The American Duchess has transported passengers in grand style along numerous routes. Here are three of our most popular river cruises and what you need to know about them:

2018’s Most Popular Riverboat Cruises

Memphis to New Orleans

About the Cruise:
Memphis to New Orleans is one of our best riverboat cruises. This nine-day trip takes you down the Mississippi River at a leisurely pace. You start at Memphis, Elvis’s birthplace, and end in New Orleans with plenty of stops in between. Shore excursions let you get off the boat, stretch your legs, and explore American history. You can learn more about the Civil War, explore the grandeur of old plantations, and visit numerous museums and galleries.
Memphis to New Orleans

Don’t Miss:
The excursion to Natchez, Mississippi. This all-day outing takes you past numerous mansions, plantations, and other historic sites, culminating at King’s Tavern and Charboneau Distillery.

New Orleans to Red Wing

About the Cruise:
Are you ready to take a three-week tour of the Mississippi River? The New Orleans to Red Wing tour lets you trace this waterway, which has been vital to Native American, settler, and modern American culture and industry. Along the way, you can explore battlefields, historic sites, and themed museums. Mark Twain fans can visit his birthplace and retrace his steps along the ancient steamboat routes.

Don’t Miss:
Day 13’s Paducah, Kentucky. This exciting included excursion takes you through quirky museums on quilting and railroads as well as a historic moonshine still.

Memphis to Nashville

Memphis to Nashville

About the Cruise:
Take a ride along the river and immerse yourself in Tennessee’s musical heritage with two cities world-famous for their unique sounds. Memphis offers Elvis’s birthplace and is home to countless blues and jazz bands. Nashville, meanwhile, has nurtured talents like Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and modern country and contemporary rock bands. Bridging these two cities is a patchwork of picturesque rural landscapes, National Parks, Civil War cemeteries, historic sites, and murals. Our riverboat cruises between these cities let you experience both the rolling hills of rural Tennessee and the dazzling sights in the cities.

Don’t Miss:
Ashport Landing, Tennessee. Here you can choose between a walking or driving tour of Fort Pillow, a National Landmark that played a significant role in the Civil War. Photo opportunities abound.

Hit the Water With Us

When you look for USA riverboat cruises, you want to find a comfortably outfitted cruise ship and a route that offers something special: a taste of wonder and adventure. At American Queen Steamboat Company, our cruises let you see new sights and familiar cities from a whole new vantage point. You can find cruises that include:

  • Memphis, a city known for mouthwatering BBQ and soulful blues and jazz
  • New Orleans, rich in Creole and Cajun culture, food, and history
  • Red Wing, a cosmopolitan town nestled in rolling hills and forests, perched on a curve of the serene Mississippi River
  • Nashville, where you can explore musical greats from generations past and maybe meet the next band to hit it big

Are you ready to book the trip of a lifetime? Contact us today to see what specials are available.


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